Jul 13

The Night Before My First Hepatitis C Treatment Injection

OK, so it’s fair to say that starting my hep C treatment is towards the very forefront of my mind at the moment. I feel a strange mixture of nerves, apprehension, relief, dread and also excitement! I really do want to nail this sucker, so the sooner I get started the better as far as I am concerned really.

I have an appointment at 10 am tomorrow to have my first injection. I am curious in a way to find out what all the fuss is about and to get started at last. I have not told anyone about my condition or that I am starting treatment…accept for the entire blogosphere of course, so I guess I have to decide who I am going to tell and when at some point also.

I know I should probably have done this by now but I wanted some more answers from the Doctor tomorrow so I am certain about a few more things before I start to tell (select) people, or maybe that is just me putting off a task I am really not looking forward to. Telling people that really care about me that I have a potentially serious/life threatening condition. It is not a prospect I relish even though I know I will probably need their help and support at some point.

I am also darkly curious to know:

What side effects will I have if any? Will I just breeze throgh the treatment? (20% have no symptoms).

Will I be able to exercise: lift weights, go cycling, go hiking and go swimming as I usually like to do?

Will my friends and family notice?

Will it affect my ability to work? I start a new job in September and do not really have to work until then if I don’t want to. However if I am feeling OK, I would like to get a job to keep the money coming in, in the meantime, will I be strong enough to do this?

Will I have enough energy even to continue to blog regularly?

Will my hair fall out…please no…I love my lovely golden locks 🙂

Will I remember to take my meds on time?

Will I lose my muscle bulk?

Will I achieve a rapid virological response (RVR)?

Will my ALT normalise?

And of course the big one… will I achieve a sustained virological response and be ‘cured’ of this disease for good!? I guess these are all normal questions and worries and things will likely work out much better than I had though they would (touch wood), still it’s good to get it off my chest.

It all kicks off at 10 am tomorrow when at the very least I should find out the genotype which I have and the results of my ultra sound scan. I have been having fairly regular aches around the liver region for a while now so I wonder if this will be reflected in the ultra sound scan? And I am hoping for good news regarding the genotype. It could potentially make life much easier if I had a genotype 2, 3 or 6. I am hoping for a 3 or a 6 as these are the most common hepatitis genotypes found in Thailand.

Anyway, some of these questions at least will be answered tomorrow and I should be having my first hep C treatment injection, fingers crossed for me please 🙂

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  1. jeff-g

    I start my 26week treatment next week for geno 3.All the stuff you read about the negative effects of treatment can really freak you out.So much so that you can start to question the decision of actually starting the treatment.
    If you don’t at least try to irradicate the virus,then that virus does have the potential to kill you.I was diagnosed with an HCC this year and told it was likely caused through the untreated presence of HepC.
    I had the HCC ablated and things are looking A LOT better now.But it’s not over.
    Now it’s treatment time to make sure I don’t get another one.
    After initially being told that I would have to have a transplant,this is a no brainer.
    Having to take anti immune suppression for the rest of your life,if you survive the transplant,and if you can actually get a transplant organ,seems a lot scarier to me than accepting that you may possibly feel pretty poorly for the next 6/12 months but may possibly recover to have a much healthier life than before.
    I find your blog really inspiring and hope that I have the resolution to handle it like you.
    Good on you.When I get ill,your blogs will be top of my reading list.
    Good health to you and enjoy your life.

  2. MyHepCTreatment

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment.
    Having geno 3 ‘should’ make eradicating the virus a good deal easier and you also seem to have a positive attitude that will stand you in good stead I’m sure. Personally, looking back having completed my treatment about 5 months ago I feel so happy that I just jumped in and gave it a go at least, the time went by quickly and I have been able to move on from it. Sure it wasn’t all plan sailing but well worth it. If I had delayed treatment I would still be sitting here with the same dilemma. All the best for your treatment, I hope it works out well for you!!!

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