Jul 21

Quick Update On My Hep C Treatment

I got a text message from the NHS booking system two days ago reminding me about an appointment I had for today. To be honest I hadn’t realised there was one scheduled but never mind. So I went along to the same ward as last time, reported to reception and took a seat. About half an hour of confusion later between staff and doctors it seems my appointment was over at a different clinic to speak to a new doctor. I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to be doing at this appointment, I had presumed it was to be the next injection of my hepatitis b vaccination process which┬áI still need to complete. Apparently a hep c and hep b co-infection is a complication that can be quite tricky to get a handle on.

After reporting to the correct place and waiting for another half an hour I finally saw a different specialist whom I had not seen before. He just gave me an overview of my situation and said that he was forwarding all my details to the new hospital near to where I will be relocating to later in the year so they can start to get the ball rolling at that end for me.

He explained the dilemma as to whether to wait for the new drugs before starting treatment or not and in his mind he didn’t seem to think the drugs would be out in the UK as soon as I had been led to believe. I tend to agree with him, these big companies and government agencies seem to work at their own pace if you know what I mean. He mentioned the organisation known as NICE and he seemed to think it was on their shoulders at the moment.

As regards the mark on my Liver discovered in the recent ultra sound scan, turn outs that it is indeed just a birthmark (well there was a more technical name but I forget what it is now) and nothing more serious. Apparently 10% of the population have similar marks on their liver so it really is nothing to do with the hepatitis C.

ALT had gone down to 95 but viral load was up at 1.6 million which isn’t great. The numbers really do seem to fluctuate quite haphazardly with no rhyme or reason that I can think of. My diet is very similar week to week so I can only guess it is the natural flow of the condition.

Other than that not much of interest to report, just waiting to hear when I needed to go for the next hep b shot and waiting to hear from the new hospital. However as I don’t intend having the hepatitis C treatment until next february at the earliest after I have settled into the new job.

Not sure if the trip to the hospital was worth it really but I’m just the patient, what do I know!?

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  1. Lisa Britt

    Hello! Glad I found your blog- I am beginning treatment next month as well, and am feeling all the things you are- how “bad” will my symptoms be, etc. Just wanted to say Hello and Good luck!

  2. Hepatitis C Treatment

    It’s great to see someone talking about their Hepatitis C experience. I have genotype 1a and get pretty scared and overwhelmed at times. I try to write about it and educate others. I have not started treatment yet but I’m taking a bunch of natural products that seem to be keeping it at bay until I decide what to do. If you want a great supplement that will help your liver and not interfere with any treatment try Milk Thistle.

    1. Mahdi

      that the Milk Thistle will protect your liver. They sugsegt standardized milk thistle so that every capsule has the same amt of the herb in it. I was told to take Nature’s Way brand and can only find it online. It costs about $8 for a 2 week supply but it is well worth it to help out your liver. My hepatologist won’t even SEE me unless I take the milk thistle. I’m not talking out of my arse here, it’s a well known fact that people with liver disease (hepc) should take it. I’m not trying to be a walking billboard for milk thistle or it’s brands, it’s just that it DOES help out your liver and will help to protect it from bad things that you put into your body .I highly sugsegt you look into this .Good luck to you,Barb

  3. ABA

    Curious about how things went for you? Did you start treatment in February?

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