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The full story from start to present day of my Hep C treatment.

Jul 14

A Huge Anti-Climax!

liver inflammation

Well, today certainly didn’t go anything like I expected to. I had expected to start  my Hepatitis C treatment today but sitting back at home on my bed right now it looks like I won’t be starting until at least next February, a full 7 months away! The basic reason for this is that on …

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Jul 13

The Night Before My First Hepatitis C Treatment Injection


OK, so it’s fair to say that starting my hep C treatment is towards the very forefront of my mind at the moment. I feel a strange mixture of nerves, apprehension, relief, dread and also excitement! I really do want to nail this sucker, so the sooner I get started the better as far as …

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Jul 13

Hepatitis C And Coffee

Coffee and Hepatitis C

I have just been drifting through the internet again looking for any information I can get on how to improve my chances of clearing my chronic Hepatitis C infection. I am due to start treatment tomorrow all being well and I am also due to be finding out which genotype I have and the results of …

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Jul 13

Hepatitis C Treatment And Alcohol

allen carr

So after I realised I had Hepatitis C, naturally the first thing I did was to go away and get myself clued up about what I was supposed to do to tackle this disease, thing, condition… whatever it was. What I really wanted to know is what I could immediately start doing in order to prevent …

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Jul 07

How I Got Hepatitis C (Probably)

dental equipment

So, if you read the last post then you’ll know how I discovered I had Hepatitis C, now I’d like to share with you how I think I got Hepatitis C. Here in the UK, it seems that Hepatitis C is something pretty much reserved for intravenous drug users (IDUs) and people who have had blood transfusions prior to …

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Jul 06

How I Found Out I Had Hepatitis C


OK, so here is my story about how I found out that I had Hepatitis C. Please bare with me whilst I regurgitate the full story. Looking back now, I know exactly when I got Hepatitis C, a friend at the place I was working at commented to me when I arrived to work one day: …

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Jun 16

In The Beginning…

1000 miles

Hello, G’day, Howdy, What’s Up… Welcome to my Hep C treatment journey. My name’s James and yes, that’s right I have Hepatitis C and this blog is going to document my treatment of this liver disease. Why write this blog? Well, I guess it is for three main reasons. Firstly, I think writing my experiences down will probably help myself …

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