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The full story from start to present day of my Hep C treatment.

Sep 01

2 Years On! Hepatitis C Free! And How You Can Be Too!

In Nepal Recently!

Hey Guys!!! I’m Hep C free still I can’t quite believe that my last blog post was the 3rd of Septembet 2013! Nearly 2 years ago! That means I am two years free of the hep C Virus and absolutely loving my life at the moment. After I had gotten hep c free I packed …

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Sep 03

My Recovery From Hepatitis C Treatment


I finished taking my last Ribavirin pills on a Wednesday morning, by the next day I could feel the spring in my step starting to return. Whether this was a psychological thing or not, who knows,  but the fact was that I started to feel better almost immediately. Don’t get me wrong I had never …

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May 20

The End of My Hep C Treatment!

Hepp C Treatment Blog

The first half of my hep c treatment flew by, but the second half seemed to drag on a bit. I’ve been counting down the days until it would be all over since about 5 weeks ago. In fact, I had a calendar which I made especially, in an Excel document so I could mark down …

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Apr 22

Forgive Me Father For I Have Hepatitis C Sinned – 20 Weeks Down!

Amen to that!

Amen to that! Yes, that’s right folks, it seems that I have wilfully broken the golden rule of hepatitis C treatment. I opened a can of the amber nectar and enjoyed a few cans of the good stuff! Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know you are not supposed to go anywhere near alcohol on hep c …

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Feb 19

12 Weeks of Hep C Treatment – The Story So Far – eRVR?


OK, so I lied. In my last post I said that I would be posting regular updates on my hep c treatment blog but things haven’t really worked out that way. I’ve been super busy at work and don’t seem to have had a great deal of spare time. Anyway, here I am. And this …

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Dec 03

First Week On Hep C Triple Therapy Treatment


Ok, well it has been an eventful time since my last post! I am now officially on Hepatitis C triple therapy treatment and have been for 5 days now. I took my first shot of interferon last Wednesday at 5pm. 6 hours later I was in shivering and shaking like I have never shaken before …

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Nov 04

Liver Biopsy Results And A Treatment Dilemma!

Hep C Dilemma

Ok, so here it is the results of my liver biopsy which was described in my last post. Firstly, it is good news… very good news. There is no fibrosis or cirrhosis and indeed the only problem I have is that there is some inflammation of the liver. The doctor was happy for me and …

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Nov 03

My Liver Biopsy Procedure

As outlined in my last post I undertook a liver biopsy recently to ascertain the extent of the damage to my liver as a result of my ongoing hepatitis C infection. The procedure itself went very well. I arrived at 8.30 in the morning and was briefed by a nurse on what to expect. I …

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Sep 24

My Liver Biposy Prior To Hepatitis C Treatment


OK, so it has been a long time since my last post. The reason for that is basically not a lot has happened recently. I have been ‘watchfully waiting’ as regards the Hepatitis C virus. I was offered treatment last year (July) but put it off whilst I settled into a new job. The new …

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Jul 21

Quick Update On My Hep C Treatment

I got a text message from the NHS booking system two days ago reminding me about an appointment I had for today. To be honest I hadn’t realised there was one scheduled but never mind. So I went along to the same ward as last time, reported to reception and took a seat. About half …

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